Dental Restorations

There are many reasons for restorative dentistry. With proper maintenance and care, your teeth can remain healthy for years, but sometimes breakages, yellowing, leakage, decay, and wear can occur. Thankfully, dental restoration can significantly enhance the health and appearance of your smile.

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Expert Dental Care

Summit View Dental Centre offers a wide range of services to meet your needs. We want your smile to be at its best. Should you ever want to improve the aesthetics or comfort of your smile, we will be sure to keep you well informed of your options. With our services, we can:

  • Replace missing teeth, matching your natural colour and filling gaps

  • Repair damaged or decayed teeth
  • Relieve pain or discomfort
  • Restore alignment of teeth or old dental treatments

Types of Restorations

A crown is a natural-looking cover encasing a tooth’s surface, which restores, strengthens, and protects the underlying structure. A patient might get a crown over fractured or large fillings, because of tooth damage or decay, or for cosmetic enhancement. There are several types of crowns, porcelain and porcelain fused to metal being the most popular. Our crowns will match your natural teeth’s colour, shape and structure.

A dental bridge is a non-removable appliance that fills the gap between missing teeth, to maintain the integrity of your dental arch. Missing teeth can cause the remaining teeth to shift, causing tipping and malpositioning of teeth, affecting your smile and your bite. Dental bridges are typically made of porcelain fused with metal.  All dental restorations have a certain life span that depends on many factors.  Through normal wear most restorations will need to be replaced or upgraded over your lifetime.

Over time, teeth may lose their bright white colour. This is due to natural aging, tobacco use, side effects of certain medication, or staining food or drink. At the microscopic level tooth enamel is porous, which means that stains can settle deeper than we’re able to clean by simply brushing or during routine cleanings. While there is nothing wrong health-wise with the yellowed stains, often patients will ask about our whitening options to improve the beauty of their smile.

If you’re concerned about the colour of your teeth, we’d be more than happy to discuss your available options for whitening.

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