Porcelain vs. Metal

At Summit View Dental, we want our patients to be empowered to make educated decisions about their oral health.

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Full Porcelain (or full ceramic)

Full porcelain is by far the most natural looking of restoration materials. It would be a good choice for a patient with metal sensitivities. Porcelain is also a poor temperature conductor, so having a porcelain crown could reduce hot and cold sensitivities.

The restoration is bonded onto the tooth and sometimes there is increased post cementation sensitivity.  Also, since there is no barrier between the tooth and the restoration IF a crack occurs the restoration must be replaced very quickly to prevent bacteria from invading into the crack and harming the underlying tooth.

Usually, full porcelain restorations are reserved for veneers and select full coverage crowns.

  • Advantage: Porcelain crowns have an incredibly life-like experience, and are the best choice for those prioritizing aesthetics

  • Disadvantage: Porcelain is very hard yet brittle; there is a risk of fracturing the crown

Gold or Fused To Gold

Gold is an old favorite in dentistry. It is an extremely durable choice, and is gentle on opposing natural teeth. Gold is less reactive for most patients.  Pure gold would be too soft, so there are other metals such as platinum, palladium and silver are present. Unlike porcelain, gold is highly conductive. This may create temperature sensitivity in patients temporarily. And finally, of course, from a cosmetic standpoint gold is not the best choice.

Advantages: Long lasting and durable; a good choice for hard working teeth such as the molars.

Disadvantages: Potential for sensitivity due to allergies, as well as temperatures due to conductive nature. Not ideal for cosmetic purposes for teeth near the front.

This option brings together the best of both worlds.  We can fuse porcelain to an underlying gold structure to provide strength and cosmetic appeal. Depending of the location of the dental work, this may appeal cosmetically. However, in some cases the metal base can bee seen at the gumline, and the opacity caused makes the porcelain look less lifelike. Also, the gold is not gold in color, but silver-coloured.

Advantages: Stronger than full porcelain, while matching your teeth’s natural shade. The strength of the gold protects your tooth even if the porcelain fractures.

Disadvantages: Porcelain may still fracture or damage other teeth. Gold may bee seen at gum line, reducing aesthetic advantage

When it is time to choose what material to select for your restoration, Dr. Dhesi will be happy to consult with you — because your oral health priorities are ours. If you have any questions about restoration material, call Summit View Dental Centre today!

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