About Summit View Dental

Here at Summit View Dental Centre, you’ll receive a high standard of care in a welcoming, family-oriented setting.

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A Standard of Excellence

Summit View Dental takes pride in maintaining high technological and safety standards within our practice. We adhere to strict standards for sterilization and cross contamination processes.

We’ve merged the most current training and sophisticated technology so that our dental professionals are absolutely equipped to meet your family’s diverse dental care needs — because it’s essential for us to have our patients be fully satisfied with their quality of treatment.

It’s Your Smile

At Summit View Dental, we set a standard of trust and teamwork between dentist and patient; we want to get to know the person behind the smile. Dr. Dhesi and his team works with patients of all ages to understand their dental goals.

We strive to keep our patients well-informed of their options, because we have your best interests in mind. We focus on prevention, giving patients the knowledge they need to maintain exceptional dental health because at Summit View Dental, your best smile is our objective.


We believe in understanding you as an individual and tailoring your treatment plan for what is best for you. The way we do that is by getting to know you, the person behind the patient. Then we provide you with the most personalized and high quality dental care we can deliver.